An Abscess (boil or a furuncle) is an infected area that contains a collection of pus.


Signs and symptoms of an abscess include pain, tenderness, redness, or hardness. You may also feel a moveable soft area under your skin. An Abscess can occur anywhere on the body.


Please Do Not Squeeze! In many cases this can cause further damage or force the infected materials deeper into your tissue. You should seek the attention of a Healthcare Provider who can evaluate the Abscess and determine the best course of action which may include Antibiotics, performing a Procedure to Drain the Fluid, Packing, Topical Medication, Compresses and Cleaning. Most often skin infections can be treated with Oral Antibiotic Medication.

You may take over the counter medication for pain and discomfort. Your Healthcare Provider may prescribe medication for management of the pain associated with the Abscess. Keep the skin and your clothes clean around the Abscess. Good hygiene is very important! Avoid direct skin contact with other people. The infection may spread by skin contact with others. Do Not Share Athletic Equipment, Towels, or Whirlpools.


  • You develop increased pain, swelling, redness, drainage or bleeding from the site.
  • You develop signs of generalized infection including muscle aches, chills, fever, or a general ill feeling.
  • You develop a temperature above 102° Degrees F (38.9° Degrees C).
  • Increased redness, streaking or redness spreading around the site.

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